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(観光動画)「OBAMA little, seaside stay」

「OBAMA little, seaside stay」

制作 株式会社まちづくり小浜/おばま観光局
撮影編集 小川浩之(Photo&Movie Create Augusta)
企画協力 佐藤実紀代(編集室ふたこぶ)
制作協力 株式会社KNEW


The nearest sea town, one and a half hours from Kyoto.
Obama serves as a gateway to the continents sice 1500 years. It has become a cultural capital, with over 130 temples.
Hotel :
Produced by Department of Tourism, Obama
Directed by Hiroyuki Ogawa (Photo&Movie Create Augusta)
Planning cooperation Mikiyo Sato (Futakobu)
Production Cooperation KNEW Co., Ltd.